Tommies Bested by Chargers

The St. Thomas University Tommies were bested 68-51 by the Crandall University Chargers in ACAA men's basketball action Sunday afternoon at the Lady Beaverbrook Gym. 

The Chargers jumped to an 18-8 lead in the first quarter on route to a 12-point advantage after 20 minutes.

Although the Tommies were able to keep up with the Chargers in the second half, they couldn't surpass them much to the credit of Crandall's bench that contributed 36 points in the win. 

The Tommies were led by Travis Valanne, who connected for 13 points and six rebounds. Dylan Gallant added 12 points and Jereny Speller chipped in with 11.

Joshua Bokma paced the Chargers with 24 points and six boards, while Thomarcus Nix added 14 points and 15 rebounds.