Congrats to the Off Campus team, the 2016-2017 Intramural Volleyball Champions!
They defeated the Chatham team in straight sets (2-0) in the final.


Education: 6-0
Chatham: 4-1
Rigby: 4-2

Off Campus: 4-2
Harrington: 2-4
Holy Cross: 1-5 

Vanier: 0-6


The match shall consist of best two out of three sets.

When a fault is committed, the opponent earns a point and the right to serve.

First two games to 25, third game to 15, Win by two.

Players sub in every point.

Service will be performed by subbed player.

Teams must have at least one female on the floor at all times. (If only one female is present, she must not be subbed out).

Male players cannot jump to block the attack of a female player. This action is considered a fault.

Male players cannot jump in the front court. (If jumping, the last point of contact must be from behind the three meter line - without touching the line). This action is considered a fault.

Servers are allowed to block, unless otherwise mentioned (ie: males blocking females).

Touching the net when blocking or attacking is a fault.

Any player using abusive language/gestures or showing disrespect to the official/opposing players at any time, will be ejected and suspended indefinitely.

The official will be responsible to keep score with supplied scoring chart.

League Information
Depending on the number of teams, the league will consist of TWO divisions with a round robin format and playoff rounds for both Championship and Consolation sides. There will be a Championship and Consolation winner. Each team is guaranteed 6 games and could have as many as 8 games if they reach the Championship final.

Teams are required to have a registration folder with proper forms for each player submitted to Athletics.

START ON TIME: The official is responsible to start the game on time but will allow a five minute grace period. The official is also responsible to have team folders available. Each team is required to have the proper number of players, required within five minutes of the scheduled starting time.

TIEBREAKER: If two teams are tied in the standings with the same amount of set wins, the tiebreaker rule will follow this sequence to determine the higher seeded team for playoff scheduling:

least amount of set losses
head to head results
fewer points against