1. Off Campus -- 6-0
2. Harrington -- 5-1
3. Chatham 2  -- 4-2
4. Chatham 1 -- 3-3
5. Rigby -- 2-4
6. Holy Cross -- 1-5
7. Vanier -- 0-6




The game shall consist of (2) 20-minute halves, straight time, with a five minute break between the halves. The last 2 minutes of the second half will be stop time.

Subs are allowed only on dead balls.

Teams must have at least one female on the floor at all times.

Male players are allowed in the key on defense and cannot jump to block the shot of a female player. Violation is a shooting foul.

Male players can do lay-ups if they start from outside the key and release the ball before they land in the key.

Any player using abusive language, committing a flagrant foul and/or showing disrespect towards the official at any time, will be ejected and suspended indefinitely.

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, a 3 minute overtime period will be played. In the event of a tie a sudden death 3 point shooting contest with the team wearing black shooting first.

Each player must shoot at least once before a player can shoot twice.

Three point shooting is in effect, during the game.

Players must count their own fouls on their honour and verbalize the number when called for a foul. Five fouls results in ejection.

Teams must be responsible to keep score with supplied scoring chart.

League Information
League will consist of a round robin format with eight teams and three playoff rounds. There will be a championship, runner up, third place and consolation winner. Each team will play ten games.

Teams are required to have a registration folder with proper forms for each player submitted to athletics.

NOTE: Official is responsible to start the game on time but will allow a five minute grace period, is also responsible to have team folders available. Each team is required to have the proper number of players, required within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time.